Which of these countries is not bordered by the Baltic Sea?

Trivia Crack Question: Which of these countries is not bordered by the Baltic Sea?
Trivia Crack Answer: Norway

About the Baltic Sea’s borders

The Baltic Sea is not bordered by the country of Norway. The Baltic Sea is bordered by the countries of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. The Baltic Sea has been a source of fish and amber for many of its bordering countries. It was also an area with a lot of piracy between 900-1500. The Baltic Sea is not a particularly salty area, with sections of the sea even approaching the salt levels in freshwater. 45% of the Baltic Sea is covered with ice during the winter. The grey and ringed seal live on this ice. The rest of the sea does not freeze during an average winter. There are many important cities bordering the Baltic Sea. These cities include Saint Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, and Stralsund. There are also many islands and archipelagoes in the Baltic Sea. In 1974, the countries bordering the Baltic Sea created a convention to address pollution in the sea. The countries came together again in 1992 to adjust this convention as new information about pollution, both specifically in the Baltic Sea and in general, came to light. The convention is governed by the Helsinki Commission, which has been operating since 1974.

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