Which of these is a type of drum?

Trivia Crack Question: Which of these is a type of drum?
Trivia Crack Answer: Snare

About the Snare Drum

The snare drum is a type of drum. The snare drum is widely used in a variety of music, including marching bands, military bands, parade music, and orchestral music. It is characterized by its sharp, bright sound. The snare drum began as a military tool and a means of communication between troops, where the use of different rhythms and rolls on the drum head signified different orders and commands. The famous “drum roll” seen in executions and grand announcements began with the snare drum, and the technique has become essential for musicians since. Snare drums play a large role in modern music, including jazz, funk, rock and roll, and electronic music, especially drum and bass music. Many electronic music artists use pre-programmed drum machines to achieve their beats, and the status of the drums as the background beat-maker often relegates the instrument to a lower importance than the melody-making instruments, such as trumpet or guitar. However, snare drums are one of the key components of the “drum solo,” in which the drums become the center focus of a piece of music. Snare drums consist of two heads, the batter head and the snare head, and the name of the drum comes from the stretched metal wires contained within the drum’s casing, which vibrates when the drum head is struck.

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