Which painter struggled with mental illness?

Trivia Crack Question: Which painter struggled with mental illness?
Trivia Crack Answer: Van Gogh

About Van Gogh and Mental Illness

A painter that struggled with mental illness was Van Gogh. Born Vincent Willem Van Gogh in 1853 in the Netherlands, Van Gogh was a prominent post-impressionist painter who is most famous for his painting “Sunflowers,” but whose work spanned several different mediums and subjects. Still lifes, nature and flowers were among his most common subjects, all relatively traditional, but Van Gogh’s bright colors and distinctive styles became more and more pronounced as time went on. Inspired by Ukiyo-e woodcuts from Japan, Van Gogh imitated the style and vivid colors. Van Gogh’s mental illnesses included intense anxiety, but historians debate whether he was schizophrenic, bipolar, or suffering from malnutrition. There were several periods in Van Gogh’s life where his painting work was halted due to the onset of his mental illness, culminating in his death at age 37, when he was found with a gunshot wound. Though no gun was ever found, Van Gogh’s history of mental illness generally points to a suicide. Van Gogh was also known for his intense smoking habit, his consumption of alcohol, including the extremely dangerous and potent alcoholic drink absinthe, and his much-repeated episode in which he cut off his own ear. Despite his mental illness, however, Van Gogh is remembered as a masterful painter and pioneer in the art world.

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