Who is the main representative of literary naturalism?

Trivia Crack Question: Who is the main representative of literary naturalism?
Trivia Crack Answer: Emile Zola

About Emile Zola’s representation of Literary Naturalism

Naturalism was a literary movement from the 1880’s to around the 1930’s that enacted tendencies of realism and combined them with scientific methods and theories, especially Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. This movement came in opposition to Romanticism and Surrealism. Naturalism achieved a detached and objective form of what realism had done in literature previously, though these works mostly explored subjects subjectively pessimistic. This was frank writing of determinism, sexuality often portrayed through prostitution, and realities of the harshness of existence like disease, corruption, racism, and poverty. One of the foremost literary representations of Naturalism in literature came from nobel prize winning French writer Emile Zola, whose notable works include Les Rougon-Macquart, Therese Raquin, and Germinal. Zola was the first to use the term Naturalism as a defined extension of realism in order to convince readers of the slight divergence of modern writing and especially his use of the scientific method in determining the creation of his characters and his plots.

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