Who painted The Water-Lily Pond?

Trivia Crack Question: Who painted The Water-Lily Pond?
Trivia Crack Answer: Monet

About The Water Lily Pond

The artist who painted “The Water-Lily Pond” was Claude Monet. Monet painted over 40 different depictions of his water-lily pond at Giverny in the last twenty years of his life, and since his death, Monet has become famous for his depiction of the lilies, as well as his series of paintings of haystacks. Monet was the founder of the Impressionist movement, which was a French artistic trend in the late 1800s that departed from the fashions of the Salon de Paris. Rather than depict scenes as accurately as possible, Impressionist artists painted subject according to their own subjective style, often giving the impression of shapes and figures rather than drawing them in perfect clarity. Though Monet’s water-lily paintings were some of his most numerous works, the first piece he debuted was “Impression, sunset,” shown at an independent art exhibit Monet and friends had put together themselves. Thousands of people came to the showing, but few of the artists sold their paintings, and critics derided the works as “impressionist.” The artists took up this name for their style of painting, and this became the name of the movement that would transform Europe’s art scene. Monet’s series of water-lily paintings has since sold for between 18 and 45 million Euros at auction.

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