Who was the composer of the Magic Flute?

Trivia Crack Question: Who was the composer of the Magic Flute?
Trivia Crack Answer: Mozart

About the composer of the Magic Flute

The composer of the Magic Flute was Mozart. The Magic Flute was a Viennese opera in two acts, telling the story of Prince Tamino and his journey to find the daughter of the Queen of Night, Pamina. The Magic Flute was composed in collaboration between Mozart and a Viennese theatre company, and became a huge success on its premier. Mozart reportedly attended every showing of the opera that he could, reveling in its success. Mozart was a famous Viennese composer known for his prolific output (over 600 pieces) and now-famous repertoire of symphonies, concert pieces, chamber music, and choral pieces. Recognized as a prodigy at a young age, Mozart rose to prominence quickly and received commissions from a number of nobles before his death at age 36. Despite his fame and success during his lifetime, Mozart was consistently in debt or financial trouble. The Magic Flute is recognized as one of the greatest opera pieces of all time, and features many themes of the Enlightenment era and Freemasonry, including the elaborate initiation rite of Prince Tamino. The Magic Flute’s Masonic themes are further reinforced by the fact that both Mozart and his co-composer Emanuel Schikaneder were Freemasons. There have been numerous reproductions of The Magic Flute in modern times, and still holds its place as a classic of opera.

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