Who wrote the novel Dracula?

Trivia Crack Question: Who wrote the novel Dracula?
Trivia Crack Answer: Bram Stoker

About Bram Stoker’s 1897 Gothic Horror Novel Dracula

Dracula is a Gothic horror novel of 1897, written by Bram Stoker. This novel was the first to introduce the archetypal vampire Count Dracula and his antagonist, Professor Abraham Van Helsing. The story accounts for Count Dracula’s move from Transylvania to England where blood is more prevalent and he can more conveniently spread the undead curse. This is in attempt to fulfill a long contemplated plan of world domination. Dracula tricks Englishman John Harker into teaching him of English culture, real estate and gets legal advice from him. Harker realizes soon afterwards that he is merely the Count’s prisoner. The novel takes on the discussion of immigration, Victorian lifestyle and culture, colonialism, and sexual conventions. Although Stoker’s Count Dracula was not the first incarnation of the famous vampire, his novel did indeed forever popularize the character as well as engender more vampire literature and horror fiction than before.

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