Who’s the most noble of the three musketeers?

Trivia Crack Question: Who’s the most noble of the three musketeers?
Trivia Crack Answer: Athos

About the Three Musketeers

The most noble of the Three Musketeers is Athos. “The Three Musketeers” was a novel by Alexander Dumas, who also wrote the Count of Monte Cristo. “The Three Musketeers” began as a serialization in 1844, and gained popularity in France as an adventure and historical novel. The plot of the Three Musketeers revolves around the adventures of a young man, named d’Artagan, who travels with the eponymous Three Musketeers around France, engaging in duels and romances. The Three Musketeers are Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. Athos becomes a role model for d’Artagan, while Porthos is portrayed as a dandy (a man interested in fancy clothing) and Aramis is portrayed as a devout religious man. All three of the Musketeers are fiercely loyal to the Monarchy, and take insults very seriously, resulting in much violence throughout the novel. The Musketeers are considered noble in popular media, and have been recognized by their distinctive feathered hats and swords, but the novel portrays them as cruel and somewhat elitist, beating their servants and treating lower-class characters with derision. Still, the Musketeers are guided by the sense of honor at the time, which meant defending one’s reputation and standing, as well as the social order. Together this creates a different kind of nobility, at least by the standards of the time.

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