Yerevan is the capital of what country?

Trivia Crack Question: Yerevan is the capital of what country?
Trivia Crack Answer: Armenia

About Yerevan, the capital of Armenia

Yerevan is the capital of Armenia. It is one of the oldest cities that has been continuously inhabited. Yerevan has been the capital since 1918. It is the thirteenth capital in Armenia’s history. Yerevan has been a city since 782 BCE, when a fortress was built by an Armenian king. This fortress, called Erebuni, was designed to be a fully capable capital for the king, with administrative and religious centers. In 658 AD, Yerevan was conquered by Arab invasions. Around this time is when Yerevan became known as Yerevan rather than Erebuni. It was an important trade route stop for many years. From the early 1500s to the late 1700s, Yerevan would be conquered and seized fourteen times by different entities. After WWI, Armenia declared independence from a federation of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Yerevan then came the capital of Armenia. Shortly afterward, Armenia was captured by the Bolsheviks and became a part of the Soviet Union. After the Soviet Union was ended, Armenia became the Republic of Armenia and Yerevan reassumed its status as the capital of Armenia. As the capital of Armenia, Yerevan has had many construction projects begun to create a more impressive capital city. To this day, you may see the fortress of Erebuni, the very beginning of Yerevan’s history as the capital of Armenia.

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